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Tracing is the first step in making a parchment project. The lines of a pattern are traced onto the parchment paper. The lines form the framework of your project. Tracing is done with tinta ink and a mapping pen. The folding lines of a card are traced with a white pencil.


This technique means 'creating a raised surface'. The raised design is created by stretching and rounding the parchment paper. Various embossing tools are used to create the raised effect. We generally emboss with these tools on the back of the piece on an embossing pad. When using this technique, you will notice that the grey colour of the paper changes into a soft white.



Stippling is working on the back of the parchment paper with the 1-needle tool. The surface is first embossed lightly. Then, with a careful 'hammering' motion, quick and very small perforations on the back of your piece are made with the point of the 1-neelde tool. To create the best effect, the dots should be close together and evenly distributed over the surface.


Perforating literally means 'making tiny holes in something'. In parchment craft these are very tiny holes in the parchment paper. Besides embossing, this is one of the most recognizable techniques of parchment craft and can be used in endless variations. You can use one of the perforating tools of our large assortment and a perforating mat or felt pad. Perforations are  done mostly on the front. By using perforations,  you create a simple or elabarote, elegant border. Perforations can also be used to cut out pieces of parchment paper. When there will be embossing next to the perforations, these must be perforated shallow first. After the embossing,  you perforate deeply for the second time in the already existing holes. 


To ensure beautiful, regular cutting, it is important that the perforating is done neatly. This requires a good pattern and good materials. In addition, good lighting on the area where you are perforating and cutting is very important. In parchment craft, the cutting technique is about cutting the 'connections' between perforations. This allows you to make not only decorative borders, but also crosses, slots and decorative shapes. With this technique you can use pointed scissors, the perga cutter or the cross knife.


Dorsing is giving the light-grey parchment paper colour with dorso chalks. This technique is used on the back of the paper. After applying the colour to the paper, you rub it out evenly over the paper with dorso oil and a tissue or cotton cloth. By rubbing it out, the colour becomes evenly softer and looks wonderful on the parchment paper. When colouring a whole sheet, dorsing is done before the basic techniques.


For many people this is the most difficult technique of them all. Everyone can learn how to paint up to a certain level, but you also need to be slightly talented. Also here you start by tracing the outer lines. You then paint the images of the pattern onto the parchment paper. You can paint with many different materials, such as: pintura paint, pinta perla paint, tinta ink, tinta pearl ink, perga colors exclusive (markers) or perga liners (pencils). The pictures below show painting work that is done with perga colors exclusive.


Dabbing is making a careful 'hammering' motion on the parchment paper with a Pergamano dabbing brush dipped in pintura paint. This 'hammering' brings the tips of the brush bristles briefly into contact with the paper, creating tiny dots on the paper. The dots form a picture or part of a picture. It's a nice and simple way to 'paint' the most beautiful creations. The parchment paper makes it possible to emboss the project after dabbing bringing the project even more to life. Using a template with the dabbing technique makes it easy to create pictures.


Pergamano® proudly introduces a new technique: stencilling with pastels. This technique is actually based on a very old one, wiping pastels into the opening of a design. Pergamano® has now developed six pretty stencils for this technique: five different flowers and a butterfly, as well as special pastel crayons. Each stencil also contains a matching decorative edge for embossing and/or stencilling. Stencilling itself is easy and the result looks like you have painted the most wonderful designs. So this is a great solution for those who have difficulty painting.

Parchment Craft

Parchment Craft

Parchment Craft is a fascinating creative hobby. By using various tools and materials on parchment paper you can create wonderful greeting cards, bookmarks, lampshades, mural decorations, realistic flowers, boxes and many other beautiful objects.      

Parchment paper is tran sparent and has a light grey colour in its natural state. Because it is very strong, it can be modelled in numerous ways without suffering any damaging. With the so called Pergamano® mapping pen and Tinta ink, patterns can be traced on the parchment paper. After that it can be coloured with any of the special Pergamano® colouring materials (Tinta ink, Pintura, Pinta-Perla, Perga-Liners, Perga-Colors, Dorso Pastels).

You can make decorative borders on your projects by using perforating tools, embossing tools, scissors and other Pergamano® products. The degree of difficulty of the different colouring and perforating techniques varies and that makes the hobby suitable for beginners as well for advanced Pergamano® enthusiasts.

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